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Rise and Shine with Sealy

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Time to snooze the snooze button - the secret to becoming a ‘morning person’

New research from the world’s number one bed brand, Sealy, shows there’s a wealth of benefits when it comes to being an early riser; from improved energy levels in the day, through to increased mental alertness. However, with January’s dark and co...

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Dreaming of a Dry January

It’s a known fact that drinking alcohol does effect your sleep quality. This is down to the stimulating properties found in different forms of alcohol which interfere with your normal sleep process. So, whilst you may fall asleep quicker after a f...

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Christmas Lights


How to get the sleep you need during the party season

The festive season is firmly upon us and the countdown to Christmas has started. If you’re burning the candle at both ends this December, you’ll need to make sure your sleep doesn’t suffer as a result. With research conducted by Sealy UK revealing...

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Zero UV


Deeper Sleeper Panel Challenge 7: ZeroUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Do you use your smartphone or tablet before bed? Do you find it impacts on your sleep? Well, this could be because of the blue light devices like this emit. This light allegedly tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daylight and disrupts the sleep-...

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Our global sleep census: the results

You may remember that earlier in the year, we launched the world’s largest and most comprehensive online sleep study. Well, we’re pleased to let you know that the results are now in. Thanks to everyone who told us about their sleeping habits. Here...

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