You are what you sleep - Sealy announces UK first bed ‘ingredient labelling’

October 13th, 2017


Leading bed brand, Sealy UK, has announced the launch of a new ‘ingredient list’ in a move to become completely transparent with its products. Already widely recognised for its award-winning range of beds and mattresses, as of this week, Sealy will start to feature full product declarations for its core brochure range - becoming completely open with its customers in terms of ingredients used.

The rise of the ‘conscious consumer’ has seen Sealy invest in this new and clear way of marketing its range, helping to meet the growing demand for quality and ethical products in the market. Available to access online for both consumers and suppliers alike, the new approach takes inspiration from food labelling, allowing buyers to educate themselves on the ethical and quality components that go into making Sealy’s mattresses.  

The bold move comes as Sealy works to strengthen its position as an innovator and influencer in the bed market. Already known for its commitment to high quality mattresses and beds, this new pledge demonstrates how the company has set out to raise the bar when it comes to offering premium products to the UK.

Neil Robinson, sales and marketing director at Sealy, said: “It is remarkable and illogical that you get more information about the contents of a bag of crisps, than you do in a mattress that may cost more than £1,000. At a time when consumers are expecting full product disclosure on everything they buy, we felt that it was time to be completely transparent about exactly what goes into our mattresses”

“All of our product ‘ingredients’ are of the highest standard, and this is something we’re extremely proud of. We’re excited to see how the sector reacts to this new move and we hope it works to drive transparency and innovation across the board, with other like-minded manufacturers following suit. After all, if you have nothing to hide then there should be complete and total product disclosure”

To view Sealy’s full product range and ‘ingredients’ break down, visit