Deeper Sleeper Challenge Two - Yoga

July 13th, 2015

Yoga 1 (1)

Back in May we launched our Deeper Sleeper Panel where some of the UK’s top bloggers, hand selected by Sealy, have been tasked with trialling a range of sleep experiences and monitoring how, if at all, their sleep is affected.

For our second challenge, which took place in June, we asked our panel to try their hand (or legs) at beginner’s yoga, which is proven to help de-stress and relax you whilst aiding sleep and tackling insomnia. To help with their challenge, we provided them with a yoga mat, towel, yoga socks, yoga block, DVD and water bottle and set them on their merry way. 

First up in an attempt to discover her inner Zen is grandmother blogger Susan, AKA Evies Gran. As a retiree, Susan finds her sleep patterns vary, and sometimes struggles to find time to exercise. Flexibility is a big issue here, and as a sufferer of sciatica and arthritis, she quite rightly takes the DVD at her own pace. Find out more about Susan’s experience here:

Our second panellist Karen, AKA Really Missing Sleep has been struggling to sleep due to anxiety.  As a mum of two, she often finds it hard to relax, suffering from tension after a long day, resulting in a disturbed nights sleep. With her time constraints, Karen doesn’t have the time to attend classes locally, so we thought we’d bring the classes to her! Read about her experience here.

Our third and final blogger is self-confessed exercise avoider, Sinead Morrissey, who blogs for the UK’s top student magazine, StudentWire.  As a student, Sinead admits that exercise is not always her top priority, preferring a tub of Ben and Jerry’s over a session down the gym.  For her, the second challenge was going to be a tough one, as it involved a seismic lifestyle change.  See whether she managed to tackle the challenge here.

Yoga 2 (2)

 This second challenge has been hard work for our bloggers, but an overall success and we can’t wait for next month’s challenge and to see how they get on! Don’t forget, if you would like to join our Deeper Sleeper Panel, check out our application form and apply here.