Why the best Mattress possible is a Holiday Home Essential

June 24th, 2014

It may be tempting to scrimp on the furnishings of an investment property you intend to let out to holidaymakers.

This can be a costly mistake, however, as cheap furniture will limit how much you can charge for stays and may put off clients from returning or recommending your property to friends and relations.

Beds are particularly important for ensuring that your guests enjoy their stay and have the energy to make the most of their holiday. Buying the best mattress possible will be a luxurious choice that will ensure that your guests never want to leave — or at least want to book again for next year.

Buy the best mattress you can afford in the biggest size you can afford. A larger bed such as a super king bed with mattress will be big enough to accommodate couples of all shapes and sizes, and leaves room for a couple of children too.

Uncomfortable beds are one of the most common complaints from holidaymakers on their return home, and it is certainly something that can put prospective customers off when considering reviews of your property to help them make their decision on where to book.

You may need to spend a little more for the best mattress such as a good-quality super king bed with mattress, but this is money you can soon recoup from satisfied guests.

If you have a large property, do not forget the other bedrooms where adult guests may sleep. It can be tempting to focus all your attention and budget on the master bedroom, but this can be a mistake if your holiday home is likely to attract more than one family at a time.

If budget allows, the best mattress you can afford is the perfect choice for all adult rooms, as it will ensure that every person staying in your home feels as important as the next. Remember that all adults staying in your property can write a review — not just the couple who manage to secure the master suite.

Spending a little more on quality beds will also help ensure that they are durable and can last through one busy summer after another. It can be false economy to save a few pounds, only to have to replace the beds after a short amount of time.

You can browse the online Sealy selection of premium beds or contact a member of the team for advice.