Should I choose a king size mattress or a double?

What's the difference between a king size mattress or a double mattress?

September 30th, 2014

When kitting out a bedroom with new furniture, it’s important to think about which size of bed you need. There are a few things to decide when choosing a new bed:


  • The size of the bed frame and mattress
  • Whether you want a divan, wooden, or metal bed frame
  • Whether you need under-bed storage



Beds are available in singledoubleking size and even super king and queen size, but most people find that a double is fine. So what’s the difference between a double and a king bed, and which do you need? 


The pros and cons of a double and king size mattress


ouble Bed Pros

Double Bed Cons

Comfortably fits two adults, without being overly large

Some couples find a double bed to be too small for both of them

Easy to find bedding as a double is the most common bed size

A double bed may not be big enough if you share your bed with pets, or if your children come into your bed at night

A good size for single adults or teens



King Size Bed Pros

King Size Bed Cons

Lots of space to move around in the night

Not as easy to find bedding as not as common as a double

Good for couples where one or both has a larger physique

Takes up a little more space, so not a good choice for smaller bedrooms

Good for couples who sleep with a pet on the bed


What size is a king size mattress?

A regular king size mattress is 150cm wide and 200cm long. 

How wide is a double mattress?

A regular double mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long.  

What’s the difference between a double and a king size mattress?

The difference between a double and a king size mattress is that the king size is ½ a foot bigger, and the super king is another foot bigger again. So if it’s a nice big comfy bed that you are looking for without compromising on how much space it takes up, then a king size mattress is the perfect choice. 

Consider Your Needs

When deciding between a double and a king size mattress, it’s a good idea to consider your individual needs. For example, will you be sleeping in the bed alone or do you share it with a partner? If you share your bed with somebody else then a king size mattress is a far better choice because you will find that you both have far more space to stretch out. However, if you sleep alone then you will probably find that a double is sufficient. 


One common concern with buying a king size mattress and bed is that there won’t be enough duvet to go around. Even with a king size duvet, there can still be problems if there’s more than one person in the bed as lots of us tend to hug the duvet or stretch it far over ourselves. This problem is easily solved, however, with the purchase of a super king duvet or two duvets. 

Consider the Size of the Room

Having a king size mattress and bed will inevitably take up more space than a double bed. Depending on the size of your bedroom and other furniture this may or may not be an issue, but it is a factor that should be considered carefully. In your bedroom you need to ensure that there is enough room for both you and your partner to manoeuvre around the bed, so it might be a good idea to mark out where the bed will be and see if it works. You should take extra care if it is a new house as you might not have had chance to experience the room to work out how much room you need.




Similarly, if it is likely that you will soon be requiring extra furniture, such as a nursing chair if there is a baby on the way, then you should take this into careful consideration as beds are difficult and expensive to replace. 


While we would all like a huge bed to stretch out in, sometimes we are limited by the size of the room. If you are fitting out a particularly small room then you should probably opt for a double (or even a single) mattress so that you can optimise the space.


When it comes to beds and mattresses, it’s really important to think all of these things through before you make your final choice. Decide on your individual needs and then you will find that it is far easier to choose between a double and a king size mattress. If you’d like a little extra help with your decision-making process then the experts at Sealy Beds would be delighted to help you through it - give us a call today!