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There Is More to Buying a Mattress than Meets the Eye

While many people don’t even think about buying a new mattress until it’s time for a new bed, it could just be that the one you are currently sleeping on has seen better days. If you are in the market for a new mattress, either as part of a bed se...

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Are Headboards Essential?

The question of whether headboards are vital or not is a difficult one to answer. In many cases it will simply come down to personal choice, but there are some common reasons why people do choose to finish off their sleep space set-up in this way....

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Could Smart Fibres Stop Sneezing?

You've been sneezing for weeks, but how do you know if you simply have a recurring cold or an allergy? You may not want to invest in a Smart Fibre mattress until you can find out what is causing your symptoms, but where do you start? If you find y...

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From a Sealy Ortho to a Whole New Room

If you are considering buying a new Sealy ortho mattress or are browsing the beds and mattresses available to buy, it may have started you thinking about your bedroom as a whole. Perhaps you are considering whether it is time to change more than ...

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Sleep Research Offers Solution to Racing Thoughts

You probably do not need scientists and professors to tell you that racing thoughts can prevent you falling asleep, but psychological and sleep research can offer some solutions to the problem. Sleep specialist and psychologist Amy Mistler says t...

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From Slug Entrails to a Geltex Mattress

You may be finding it difficult deciding if you need a Geltex mattress or another type of bed, but at least you’re not having to choose whether you want to eat the entrails of slugs or smother your feet in the fat of a dormouse! These are just so...

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