Deeper Sleeper Challenge Three – Sealy pillow

August 10th, 2015

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Back in May we launched our Deeper Sleeper Panel asking some of the UK’s top bloggers to trial a variety of different sleep experiences and monitoring what effect, if any, it has on their sleep.

The results are in for challenge three and the verdict is positive. For July’s challenge we asked our panellists to track their sleeping patterns for the first two weeks of the month as normal, and for the following two weeks we asked them to exchange their old pillow for a brand new, Sealy Posturpedic Springback Pillow. Plump and luxurious, this pillow offers superb support and comfort whilst helping to maintain the correct spinal position during sleep.

Our first panellist to trial the pillow was grandmother and blogger, Susan AKA Evie’s Gran. As a retiree, she’s found that her sleeping patterns have become more variable as she gets older. As a result of this, she finds that restful sleeps are few and far between, and it’s vital that she be well-rested on the two days a week when she takes care of her grandchildren. After some initial reservations about the pillow, Susan was so impressed that she wants to take it on holiday with her! See how the pillow improved her sleep here.

Our second panellist to test the pillow was Sinead Morrissey, the editor of one of the UK’s top student magazines, Student Wire. Like most students, Sinead would describe herself as ‘nocturnal’, with a tendency to fall asleep at 4 or 5am and wake up in the early afternoon. She’s also partial to the odd nap so was keen to try out a new pillow. After having the same pillows for years, Sinead was introduced to a whole new world of comfort with her pillow! See more on Sinead’s experience here.

Our third panellist Karen, AKA Really Missing Sleep is a busy Mum of two with sleeping patterns that vary night on night. A good night’s sleep is vital to help her keep up with her kids. Having found sleep success with the other challenges, she was eager to see how a new pillow could enhance her sleep, and she wasn’t disappointed with the results. Find out more here