Are you a leftie? Check out how the side of the bed that you get up from affects your day

December 7th, 2015

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According to Leading UK bed specialist, Sealy, there is a scientifically proven answer to this question. A study of 1000 British people, reveals that you are more likely to enjoy your day, have lots of friends and love your job, if you get out of bed on the left!

Sealy UK, want the best for their customers and most importantly a deep sleep, this study contrasted the impact of getting out of bed on the left or right sides, against factors such as mood, success, and world outlook. The findings were surprising with the study revealing that there is a strong correlation between the side of the bed you get up from and the impact it has on your day.

Waking up from the left side of the bed means you are more likely to have a positive outlook on the day and life in general (9.5% more than ‘righties’) which is good news for everyone! ‘Lefties’ are 8% more likely to love their job AND have more friends.

On the flip side, those who chose to get out of bed on the right side, ironically aren’t doing it right. They are 7% more likely to be in a bad mood in the morning, 9% more likely to prefer their own company and 5% more likely to generally be pessimistic.

Neil Robinson, Sealy’s sleep expert, said: “While the margins are small, the research certainly highlights an interesting trend; could it be possible that the left side of bed is the “right” side? For many co-habiting couples this may prove problematic - with each side of the bed a fiercely guarded territory, changing from right to left may not be that easy. The good news is, for those “righties” without a choice, the real way to waking up in a good mood each morning is less about which side you sleep on, and more about getting 7.5 - 8 hours’ sleep each a night on a supportive, comfortable bed.”

Another shocking couple of stats are those linked to ‘going it alone’, 36% of cohabiting couples regularly sleep in separate beds. 1 in 10 couples in the UK don’t share a bed at all! Snoring and fidgeting make up 75% of the reasons couples don’t share a bed, whilst interestingly 13% prefer to share their bed with their child and 10% with their pet. For more details on this study view here.