Deeper Sleeper Challenge One – Sleep Treats

June 17th, 2015

Challenge 1

In May, we launched our brand new Deeper Sleeper Panel. The premise is simple; over the coming weeks some of the UK's top bloggers – hand selected by Sealy - will be trialling a variety of different sleep experiences and monitoring what effect, if any, they have on their sleep.

For our inaugural May challenge, we asked our panellists to trial our special hamper of “sleep-inducing” food and drink treats, all of which are thought to promote better sleep.  Ingredients included almonds, walnuts, honey, dark chocolate, herbal oils, cherry juice and a variety of different teas. Well, the verdicts are now in, and the feedback is positive.

Our first panellist to test the sleepy treats, Sinead Morrissey, is the editor of one of the UK's top student magazines, Student Wire. As a student herself, she conforms to the typical ‘student’ stereotype, with a tendency to live a nocturnal lifestyle, going to bed at an eye-watering 5am most nights, and waking up mid-afternoon. To make it even more interesting, her experience coincided with a period of extreme stress; the start of exam season! Sinead received her hamper, and as a lover of trying new things, she was keen to get started with the challenge! See how she got on here.

Our second panellist, Karen, AKA Really Missing Sleep is a busy mum of two, and a lifestyle blogger. She understands the importance of sleep more than most, and with two demanding young children, her sleeping patterns often differ from night to night. For Karen, getting a good night’s sleep was plenty of motivation to get started with our first challenge, and says she could get used to having the herbal teas! Read more about her experience here.

Challenge 2

Our third and final panellist is grandmother blogger Susan, AKA Evie's Gran. As a retiree, Susan has experienced the changes in sleeping patterns that age brings, and therefore brings a valuable insight to the challenge. Susan struggles to get to sleep quickly and describes sleep as frequently eluding her. On the two days a week she looks after her grandchildren, it is very important she has had a quality night’s sleep, so couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Read about her thoughts on the challenge here.

The first challenge has been a resounding success and we look forward to next month’s yoga challenge! Just keep your eyes peeled on our blog to see how our panellists get on. Remember, if you want to join our Deeper Sleeper panel, then check out our application form.