How Hypoallergenic Beds Help Dust Mite Allergy Sufferers

June 16th, 2015

House dust mites are tiny creatures, virtually invisible to the naked eye, and live off human skin. Mites live in humid environments such as bedding, sofas and carpets. Most people who have a dust mite allergy are actually allergic to their droppings, which can continue to cause symptoms after the mite has died. Symptoms include the following: inflammation of the nose, runny nose, blocked nose or sneezing; inflammation of the eyes, watery eyes, itching eyes; wheezing and other breathing problems. One of the ways dust mite allergy sufferers can help alleviate their symptoms is by sleeping on hypoallergenic beds

Sealy’s range of ‘Smart Fibres’ mattresses are made especially for those with dust mite allergies through the use of Purotex microcapsules and Tencel fibres. The Sealy ‘Smart Fibres’ range hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval, and are designed specifically for allergy sufferers. These technologies in Sealy mattresses essentially help reduce the amount of moisture in the mattress in order to make the area less appealing to dust mites. 

Purotex microcapsules release friendly natural bacteria into the mattress in order to reduce moisture and mould. These probiotics are selected especially for their ability to help with dust mite allergens, and are a healthier and safer alternative to antibiotics. Purotex dehydrates the mattress so that dust mites simply do not have water to thrive, and fungi cannot grow. The technologies involved keep the bed clean and odour free, and neutralise up to 100% of the dust mite allergens. 

Tencel fibres also help reduce the amount of irritants in the sleep environment, as it prevents bacteria from growing. Tencel helps moisture absorption, keeping the sleeping area dry for optimum sleep, and also helps keep the mattress cool. 

Combined, these features help keep your mattress cool, dry and dust mite free. Alongside a thorough vacuuming and washing routine, hypoallergenic beds help you sleep without any allergy symptoms. Getting a good night’s sleep without trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep is essential for your body and mind to remain healthy. If you would like more information, or would like your own hypoallergenic beds then visit Sealy today to view their range.