Deeper Sleeper Challenge 5 – Musical pillow

November 20th, 2015

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Back in May, we launched our Deeper Sleeper Panel, where some of the UK’s top bloggers have been asked to trial a variety of different sleep experiences and monitor how their sleep is affected. In previous challenges, our bloggers have trialled everything from yoga to aromatherapy.

In our fifth challenge, we asked our Deeper Sleeper panel to test out the Sound Asleep ‘Original Speaker Pillow’ which features a built in speaker, allowing you to listen to music or audio books without the need for headphones. The idea for this month’s challenge was for our panel to listen to calming music and sounds through the pillow, in the hope of it promoting a restful night’s sleep. 

First up to trial the speaker pillow was our resident grandmother blogger Susan, AKA Evie’s Gran. Unfortunately Susan didn’t have an available music source to connect to the pillow, so she enlisted the help of her son Richard. Richard thought that having the music to listen to as he fell asleep was a great idea. Read more about his experience here.

Next to take the pillow to the test was Sinead, from the popular student blog, Student Wire. As a typical student, Sinead often faces challenges getting to sleep, so she gladly welcomed the chance to try the Speaker Pillow and now she can’t imagine getting to sleep without it! Find out more about how Sinead got on here.

Our third and final member of our Deeper Sleeper, Pippa from successful parenting blog Red Rose Mummy, has also trialled the Speaker Pillow. She has been using this pillow every night for the past couple of weeks, and has found it has helped her to drop off to sleep easily. Find our more from Pippa here.

This month’s challenge aimed to help our Deeper Sleeper’s get a restful night’s sleep, and we received positive reviews all round - especially useful as we get closer to the festive season. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the results of our next challenge, and if you’d like to join our Deeper Sleeper panel, check out our application form here to apply.