Deeper Sleeper Challenge Four – Aromatherapy

October 7th, 2015

Deeper Sleeper Image

Back in May we launched our Deeper Sleeper Panel, where some of the UK’s top bloggers, hand selected by Sealy, were asked to trial a wide range of sleep experiences and monitor how their sleep is affected.

As we continue to take a journey through the senses, for September’s challenge we provided our bloggers with a selection of aromatherapy items, designed to help relax the mind through scent, and in return lull them into a much calmer and deeper sleep. For the challenge, they received the following items:

  • Babyblooms scented candle
  • Jacob Hooy Lavender Incense Sticks
  • Mood Mouldable Aromatic Dough
  • Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball



First up was our resident grandmother blogger Susan, AKA Evie’s Gran, who despite enjoying the previous challenges, admitted to not being too knowledgeable of the world of aromatherapy. However, once Susan had created the perfect holder for her incense stick, she was on her way. Find out more about Susan’s experience here.

New to the panel is blogger Pippa. She writes a successful parenting blog Red Rose Mummy, and as a lifelong bad sleeper and a mum to two young children, Pippa is no stranger to broken sleep, and found this challenge to be the perfect opportunity for her. Find out how Pippa got on here.

Our third and final blogger is busy student Sinead Morrissey from popular student blog - Student Wire. With the new academic year in full swing, Sinead gratefully welcomed the items - especially after having just moved into her new student digs, this challenge seemed to have arrived at the perfect time! See how Sinead got on here.

This challenge has helped create a relaxing month for our hard working bloggers, with positive reviews all round. We can’t wait to see how they get on with next month’s challenge! Don’t forget, if you would like to join our Deeper Sleeper Panel, check out our application form to apply.