Deeper Sleeper Challenge 4 – Sealy duvet

Our Deeper Sleeper Panel has been at it again! This month they tried out a Sealy Select duvet, to see how much difference it made to their sleep. So, what did they think?

August 15th, 2016

Sealy Duvet

Unlike previous challenges, Tom, Brittany, Susan and Desmond had prior knowledge of the challenge, they knew they were expecting a Sealy Duvet. The panel had to sleep with their old duvet for a week, and then try out the Sealy Select Balance product to see what difference this had.

Susan Jones (Evie’s Gran), said she had forgotten how nice it was to have a new duvet. Not only that, Susan usually struggles to get to sleep through the warm nights but with the new duvet she fell asleep instantly! This challenge has worked for Susan and she said she ‘certainly achieved a Deeper Sleep’. Read more about Susan’s experience here.

Award winning blogger and father of three, Tom Briggs, also tested the Sealy duvet. Tom was impressed with the product from the get-go saying, ‘it’s incredibly soft and comfortable, it looked like it wouldn’t disappoint’. 

Similar to Evie’s Gran, Tom doesn’t usually use a duvet during the hotter months instead he relies on a sheet. Tom was ‘surprised’ that neither her or Kate (his partner) ‘felt too warm or uncomfortable’ and that the duvet remained on the bed throughout the night – result! In fact, Tom even goes as far as to say the Sealy duvet is, ‘the best duvet they’ve ever owned’. Tom’s full review can be found here.

Brittany is feeling more relaxed and comfortable after testing her Sealy duvet for the past fortnight and it is definitely going to be replacing her old one. The Sealy duvet instantly gave Brittany the wow-factor, she thought it was incredibly soft and memorable.

But what about the warmer nights? Well, Brittany requested a double duvet in order to replace her old duvet at her university house, however she only has a single bed at home which is where she is currently living. This didn’t seem to be a problem though, throughout the heatwave Brittany was still perfectly comfortable, albeit if she had to stick one foot out. If you want to read Brittany’s full review, click here.

Our Sleep Ambassador, Desmond is now a fully-fledged panel member and was also a huge fan of his Sealy duvet. Desmond stated, ‘I was provided with a cosy warmth, and lightness balance that you have to try for yourself before you can appreciate it.’ Having taken part in many tasks, Desmond is now aware of the importance of technology in the bedroom. The Cotrano fibres and SIRCIA fibre filling proved to be the perfect combination and has opened Desmond’s eyes, as well as closed them! You can read Desmond’s full review here