Deeper Sleeper Challenge 6 – Drift Light

January 6th, 2016

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Back in May, we launched our Deeper Sleeper Panel, where some of the UK’s top bloggers were asked to trial a variety of different sleep experiences and monitor how their sleep was affected. The Panel have trialled, food, yoga, a luxurious pillow, speaker pillow and now a light.

The sixth and final deeper sleeper challenge of 2015, that our Deeper Sleeper panel were asked to take part in was to trial the Saffron Drift Light, a light that has an auto-dimming feature to help you gradually drift off to sleep. The panel were asked to test each mode and see if the change of lighting from light to dark would put them into a stress-free sleep.

Our first panellist to trial the Saffron Drift Light was Sinead Morrissey, blogger for the popular student blog, Student Wire. As a student Sinead typically doesn’t get to sleep for a long time, so she was happy to try a new method of sleeping in the hope the light would put her to sleep faster and for a longer period. Read about what Sinead thought here.

Our second and final member of our Deeper Sleeper Panel is grandmother blogger Susan, AKA Evie’s Gran. Having a lot of fun testing each setting, Susan was finally ready to test out the Light when sleep took over. Find out more from Susan here.

Our final month’s challenge was designed to give our Deeper Sleeper’s a relaxing sleep, and received great positive feedback. Don’t forget to check out our other five Deeper Sleeper challenges to find out other ways to help you get a better night sleep.