Deeper Sleeper Challenge - A Technology Ban

This summer, our Deeper Sleeper Panel has been hard at work, testing out different ways of getting a better night’s sleep.

July 13th, 2016

Diary Of The Dad Deeper Sleeper Colouring Main

This time they have been cutting out technology a few hours before bed and replacing it with reading or colouring to see if doing offline activities before bed improves their sleep. 

Our fabulous panel, Diary of a Dad (Tom), Student Wire (Brittany) and Evie’s Gran (Susan), were gifted an adult colouring book, crayons and a gift voucher to buy a book of their choice.

Student and editor of Student Wire, Brittany said that at first she thought this challenge would be easy but after completing the task, she realised how reliant upon technology she is on a day-to-day basis.

She concludes that she felt the images in the colouring book were complicated enough to keep her interested, avoiding frustration and eventually helped her to feel relaxed without involving a laptop. Take a look at the rest of Brittany’s experience here.

Father of three and Diary of the Dad blogger, Tom Briggs, felt similar to Brittany in that he thought it would be a difficult challenge as his blog is his family’s livelihood and difficult to check and update offline. The colouring book did not go down so well with Tom as he felt because he is quite obsessive and becomes irritated easily, it kept him awake.

However, he felt the book was a good way to relax. Looking down at a book instead of his phone made his eyes tired and meant he fell asleep easier when his head hit the pillow. Tom concluded that no technology, meant no distractions. Read more about Tom’s review here.

Unlike Brittany and Tom, Evie’s Gran, Susan felt that it would be easy for her to cut out technology before bed as she does not have a TV in her room and does not use technology anywhere else other than downstairs.

Susan is not a big reader but felt that colouring and other crafts including crochet and knitting which she enjoys, don’t give you any time to think about worries of the day. Therefore are beneficial to obtaining a deeper sleep. Read more about Susan’s review here.