Deeper Sleeper Challenge 2 – Ambient White Noise app

Our Deeper Sleeper Panel has been hard at work, testing yet another sleep aid to see if it really does improve their sleep! This time they were trialing the Ambient White Noise – here’s how they got on.

June 8th, 2016


Our panel, Diary of a Dad (Tom), Student Wire (Brittany) and Evie’s Gran (Susan), downloaded the app which features 40 relaxing sounds all designed to create a calming environment that helps you fall asleep.

Brittany said she was feeling refreshed after trailing the Sealy Clusterfill Response Pillow (challenge 1) and she hoped the app would make her feel even more relaxed. Though Brittany enjoyed the ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Forest Dawn’ sounds, she found it difficult to listen for the whole night as she sleeps on her side which made it difficult to wear headphones. She therefore took off the headphones once she felt herself drift off and concluded that she felt energised and refreshed.

One downside, Brittany points out, is that the app is exclusive to Apple products, so Android lovers unfortunately miss out on White Noise. Read more about Brittany’s experience here

Award winning blogger and father of three, Tom Briggs, also tested the White Noise App and in comparison to Brittany, found listening to it more stressful than relaxing. He found he could hear the loop in the sounds and was preoccupied with worrying about falling asleep with the headphones on.

With fatherhood comes selflessness and Tom found that he was also concerned that the noise coming from the app would disturb his partner Kate or daughter Amelie. However, he concludes that only a ‘bad workman blames his tools’ and recognises the vast amount of people online who have championed the app and its ability to help them drift off. Maybe the next challenge will work better for Tom! Find out how he got on with his first challenge here.

Susan Jones (Evie’s Gran), like Brittany, enjoyed many of the sounds from the app, however she disliked the sound of white noise itself and found that more unsettling than relaxing. Susan also agreed with our other panelists and noted that she could not fall asleep with the headphones on either. However, she said she fell to sleep quickly and slept well overall. Susan’s full review can be found here.