And the finalists are...

It's time to reveal the shortlist for our Sleep Ambassador vacancy.

February 29th, 2016


Back in January 2016, we launched the search for our 'dream job', inviting hopeful candidates across the country to tell us why they deserve to be our Sleep Ambassador. With the prize of a snooze salary, brand new Sealy bed and the opportunity to 'sleep on the job', we were absolutely inundated.

More than 500 of you applied for the Sleep Ambassador position here at Sealy, which just goes to show we’re clearly a nation that loves to sleep. Here are the shortlisted candidates.


Desmond In Frame

Desmond is renowned among his family for his ability to fall asleep absolutely anywhere – on the bus, train, car (he assures us, not while he’s driving) and anywhere he’s comfortable.

A very active 70-year-old, Desmond’s main hobby is his garden and he spends most days out and about, especially during the growing season which lasts for around nine months, including greenhouse work, sowing seeds, bulbs and transplanting cuttings. He also enjoys walking and spending time in the summer house he created for he and his wife when he retired six years ago. This was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s garden room at Monk’s House but accordingly to Desmond, lacks a bed.

He commented, “I am an expert sleeper and also a good communicator, having spent 50 years working in my Barbers Shop. I also love a challenge and would enjoy the fun of being involved in the project.”


Diane In Frame

Diane is a light sleeper and mostly struggles to get off to sleep at night. She has good sleep habits – she smells lavender and camomile scents before bed and has a strict ban on technology in the bedroom, even her alarm clock has no tick.

Despite all of this, Diane has trouble sleeping. Not because of stress or anxiety or noise from neighbours, it’s simply because her bed is uncomfortable. She is currently saving for a premium quality mattress and was looking for a deal in the newspaper when she saw the Sleep Ambassador advert – something she deems as fate!

Diane said, “A great night’s sleep is important to me because I need to be refreshed and able to be the best I can be every day. In the mornings, I transform into Supermum then whizz around the house at the speed of light collecting school uniforms to iron with my bare hands, cook breakfast with my laser eyes and then fly the kids to school. When I arrive back home I use my super breath to blow all the dust out the house and my super strength to move the furniture and clean where regular people without x-ray vision wouldn’t see anyway. All of this requires a lot of energy which can only be achieved by having a sound sleep at night.”


Tarryn In Frame

Tarryn describes herself as “an amazing sleeper” but after becoming a mum three years ago has struggled to get back into her sleeping routine. Her little one only started sleeping through the night just before Christmas, which means Tarryn has endured two years and 10 months’ of broken night’s sleep.

As a working mum, Tarryn finds her sleep to be absolutely essential to keep her focused at work but also give her the energy to have fun with her little boy when she gets home.

Her application stated, “I think I deserve the job so that firstly, I can start sleeping better, secondly, I can take my little boy on a holiday to reward him for finally starting to sleep through the night and thirdly, because my mattress is very lumpy. I’m already dreaming about all the extra sleep.”

Tarryn’s photograph is of her pulling her hair out at the thought of forever sleeping on a lumpy mattress. 


Stuart In Frame


Stuart works in hospitality and therefore knows the importance of a comfy bed. Ensuring his guest sleep soundly is a major part of his job and he claims it has become embedded in his behaviour. A “very deep sleeper”, Stuart predominantly sleeps on his back facing the ceiling and requires a supportive mattress which is also soft.

Recognising that a good night’s sleep sets you up for the challenges of the day ahead, Stuart thinks sleep allows you to tackle the hardest of days with a smile of your face. He also claims to only be at his best when he has had a good night’s sleep.

Stuart said, “It is no secret that getting eight hours’ sleep has many benefits…and this all starts with a bed! You should be able to go to bed every night with the assurance you can rely on your bed to provide some much needed comfort. If you work in a hospitality context, you have to understand your guests’ comfort, only then can you understand how to champion them.”


Natasha In Frame

Natasha describes herself as an “archetypal corpse sleeper” who drops off within 10 minutes of getting into bed and sleeps straight through to the morning – getting around seven hours’ sleep a night. She just loves being in bed so much so that if she doesn’t have to get up she’ll get straight back under her duvet and snooze a little longer.

A very lucky lady, Natasha feels she is blessed with a great sleep routine and claims to have no more than a handful of sleepless nights a year - which are normally caused by going to bed way past her bedtime. Natasha also values the link between sleep and good health and says that however bad things may seem, they really are better after a good night’s sleep.

Natasha commented, “The link between sleep and good health is massively under appreciated. I tell my godchildren (and any kid who doesn't want to go to bed) that bedtime is like 'installing updates' time. Just like a PC we need some downtime to reset/process/recharge. On the rare occasions my sleep is disturbed during the night I'm like a zombie the next day. Bedtime is without a doubt the time of day I look forward to the most.”