Deeper Sleeper Challenge 1 – Clusterfill Pillow

May 5th, 2016

Diary Of The Dad

The Deeper Sleeper Panel have been at it again. Our panel of bloggers have tried out the Sealy Select Response Clusterfill Pillow to see if it gives them a better quality and more comfortable sleep.

Susan Jones, Tom Briggs and Brittany Guymer monitored their normal sleeping pattern for two weeks before testing the pillow. It features a ‘quilted luxury soft microfibre that naturally responds to your body temperature.’ Here’s what our bloggers thought:

Evie’s Gran (Susan) had to sleep on her old pillow for two weeks before trying out the Sealy Select Clusterfill Pillow and was delighted to move from her firm old pillow to sink her head into the ‘new and luxurious softness.’ In the cold weather Susan loved the ‘cosiness of its softness’ and is excited to see what the pillow has in store for when the nights get warmer. Read her full blog post here.

Tom Briggs, proud writer of award winning blog ‘Diary of the Dad’ describes how he was confident the Sealy Select Response Clusterfill was going to be a ‘massive improvement.’ He couldn’t wait to use it in the two-week period where he was asked to take note of his normal sleeping pattern. Being a dad of three keeps Tom up in the night, but when he finally got to bed he knew he had a much better quality sleep using the Clusterfill Pillow. Tom will definitely be sticking with his new pillow, find out why here.

Brittany Guymer, news editor of Student Wire, the UK’s top online student magazine, knows first-hand that students love sleep. She was excited to try out the Sealy Select pillow, and found the temperature control element impressive and the pillow ‘incredibly soft to touch.’ Brittany is used to lower pillows and struggled with the height of the Clusterfill pillow, however she gave the pillow to her father and found success! Her father slept well and even stopped suffering from back/neck pain when he woke up. Brittany praises Sealy for having a range of pillows for everyone and knows when she finds the perfect one she will never want to leave her bed again. Read her full review here.