Deeper Sleeper Panel Challenge 7: ZeroUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

November 30th, 2016

Zero UV

Do you use your smartphone or tablet before bed? Do you find it impacts on your sleep? Well, this could be because of the blue light devices like this emit. This light allegedly tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daylight and disrupts the sleep-wake cycle.

With this in mind, we decided to ask our Deeper Sleeper Panel to test a product which claims to combat blue light – zeroUV blue light blocking glasses. And here’s what they found…

Diary of a Dad’s Tom admits that he usually can’t go to bed without checking his emails and social media. He found the glasses impacted on his ability to play FIFA 17! Read more here.

Brittany from Student Wire wasn’t the biggest fan of the glasses but was relieved this month’s challenge wasn’t to give up technology completely. Read her review here.

Susan (Evie’s Gran) couldn’t complete this month’s challenge as the glasses did not fit over her own glasses. You can find out what she thought here.

Desmond Wilcox initially experienced the same problems as Susan, but managed to fit the glasses over his own to test them. Find out how he got on here.

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