Zoe Gillings-Brier: Life as a mum!

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you’ll know how I changed and adapted my training throughout my pregnancy. Well, now everything has changed…

October 5th, 2016


On the 22nd August, I gave birth to Léa Brier!  Dan and I are incredibly proud of her and we love being parents. The transition to motherhood has been amazing, however one of the biggest things I have definitely learnt is not to take sleep for granted.

Even at just a few weeks old, Léa loves Sealy! This might sound silly but it’s the truth. There have been many occasions where she has fallen asleep next to me in my Sealy bed, and when I have taken her back to her cot she starts crying instantly. I initially thought she just wanted to be close to myself and Dan, but then we realised she actually just wanted to be on our Sealy bed! Léa doesn’t particularly like to sleep anywhere else which is certainly a tiring task, but she has clearly good taste!

Léa’s arrival also coincided with our new Sealy headboard and pillows, which we love! Lea’s not tested these out as such, but we’re sure she’ll love them too!

As for my training, I’m back in the gym and am currently working on strengthening my core as it was weakened during my pregnancy. I’m also focussing on strengthening the muscles that support my joints, just to make sure they are strong enough to take the impact of hard landings when I’m back on the snow.

I'm loving being back in the gym, it's great to be able to run around, jump and lift again. I'm also super exited to get back on snow soon! I've been shopping for cute little snow suits for Léa so she can have her first experience of snow too.