Deeper Sleeper Challenge 5 – Pedometer challenge

Our Deeper Sleep Panel has completed another exciting sleep challenge! This time we supplied them with a pedometer and the aim was to complete 10,000 steps a day to see how much difference this made to their quality of sleep. So, what did they think?

September 26th, 2016


Evie’s Gran, Susan Jones, found the pedometer challenge “interesting”. Susan enjoyed seeing how many steps she took however, this exercise didn’t necessarily help her sleep, “less stimulation of the brain works just as well for me in achieving a great night’s sleep and a deeper sleep than becoming excessively tired by having lots of exercise.” Read Susan’s full experience here.

Sleep ambassador, turned panellist, Desmond Wilcox agreed, in that he found the process “intriguing” as he has always had an active life but has never previously counted his steps. Desmond believes “the recipe for a good sleep is to keep as active as possible” therefore the 10,000 steps challenge was perfect for him.

Diary of the Dad, Tom Briggs also considers himself as being active and he found taking 10,000 steps a day to be less of a challenge. However, Tom believes that exercise is extremely important when it comes to sleep, “Exercise is indeed conducive to good sleep. It turns out that I was unwittingly taking this challenge long before the pedometer arrived.” You can read Tom’s full review here.

Similarly, Student Wire editor, Brittany also considers herself as leading an active lifestyle, and already uses the 10,000 steps a day challenger through an app on her phone. Brittany noted that walking is great, ‘You lose weight, get fitter, sleep better and your mood/motivation is drastically improved’. Brittany feels that this is a “worthwhile challenge for anyone to try.” Read Brittany’s full review here.