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Is a Lack of Sleep Influencing Your Mood?

Anyone who’s ever stayed up later than they should to binge-watch a few more Netflix episodes will know first-hand what a lack of sleep can do to their mood. Tiredness, irritation and a craving for coffee are signs of lack of sleep, while they are...

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How can Sleep Affect Athletic and Sports Performance?

Intense training and top of the range nutrition are often considered the most important aspects of quality sports performance. Whilst these are both vital components, the effects of sleep on an athlete's ability should not be overlooked.   Sleep p...

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The elephant in the office - the real impact of sleep-deprivation in the workplace

Here at Sealy, we recently commissioned a piece of research examining the sleep habits of the nation. While the data was far ranging, one theme in particular surprised us: the sheer scale of sleep deprivation in UK workplaces, with the majority of...

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What does your sleep position say about you?

What is your go-to sleep position – are you a left side lounger, or a freestyler? Many of us don’t give a huge amount of thought into the position that we sleep in, but our recent study shows that how you choose to get your shut-eye can say a lot ...

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Worries over Brexit are literally keeping us awake at night

Brexit, you can’t seem to escape the word. But did you know that the result might be having a greater effect on us than we might think? According to our findings, 21% of participants have had their sleep disturbed by worries over the results effec...

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Hybrid Mattress


Putting your bed purchase into context

We always encourage people to buy the best mattress they can afford, because believe it or not, it really does make a difference to the quality of sleep you achieve and has a knock on effect on your general health and wellbeing. With that in mind,...

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