Elephant in the office

Accidents, arguments and underperformance: the real impact of sleep-deprivation in the workplace

EITR BannerHere at Sealy, we recently commissioned a piece of research examining the sleep habits of the nation. While the data was far ranging, one theme in particular shocked us: the sheer scale of sleep deprivation in UK workplaces, with the vast majority of employees up and down the UK regularly turning up for work exhausted – impacting not only on their productivity and mood, but their safety.

To us, this is an issue that’s simply too important to ignore, so we have decided to work with a leading HR expert, Kate Russell, of Russell HR Consulting – a firm advising companies of all sizes across the UK when it comes to best-practice HR policy – to produce a ‘common sense’ guide for bosses to better manage the sleep wellness of their staff.

Our guide is available below, along with a number of other resources including an infographic featuring the full set of statistics from our research, a poster giving employees sleep advice, as well as our fun sleep quiz.