Ali Bailey

Ali Bailey

Ali is a fashion and commercial model with over 17 years in the industry. She has also a successful online presence through her social media channels and blog. Her followers love her down to earth, familiar stories, and after being in the modelling industry for such a long time, she knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty. Ali loves sharing lots of the tips and tricks she's picked up along the way from stylists and makeup artists.

Her followers get an insight into her daily life as a model and as busy working mum, with her husband and kids often making it into her stories and posts.

Sealy’s Teramo mattress, which has held a Which Best Buy status for the last four years, has been helping Ali get a more supportive and comfortable night’s sleep.

Ali says: “As a model, I do understand the value of the term 'beauty sleep'. The most significant impact on how I look and feel is down to how much quality sleep I've had. I know when I've had a busy week of work, my skin and overall mood can suffer as a result if I haven't got the sleep my body needs. My work schedule is unpredictable, utterly different one week to the next, so it is tough to get into a regular sleep pattern. When looking for a new mattress, it was vital for us to find a bed that would provide the best night sleep, even if I wasn't able to get the full eight hours I would like to. The Teramo mattress was a Which Best Buy, so it was a no brainer for us, after doing our research.

“My husband wakes up before I do, so it was vital for me not to be disturbed by him getting out of the bed at such an early time.

“Since sleeping on the Teramo, I always sleep through and never notice him leaving. The bed feels supportive as well as being incredibly comfortable, and we both wake up feeling energised and ready for the day ahead, which I think is down to the Zonal Support that the mattress offers. With our old bed, we both used to wake up with a few aches and stiffness. That's now completely gone.

“My husband has also noticed his body temperature has been more regulated during the night and hasn't felt as hot, which is a great bonus.”

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