Nikki Garnett

Nikki Garnett

Nikki Garnett is the former editor of Selfridges’ magazine. Now, she lives near the Lake District with her husband, three teenage sons and a collection of pets. As well as running a marketing agency, she writes the award-winning blog Midlifechic which is known as the thinking woman’s style blog. There, she discusses fashion, family life, travel and interiors with her 49,000 readers.

Nikki started her blog because a little while ago, amidst all the chaos of family and working life, she was beginning to feel like she’d lost her groove. However, she sees midlife as an opportunity for a new start and so at Midlifechic she has built a community of women who are emerging from the child rearing years and looking forward to beginning a whole new chapter.

The comfort and support of Sealy’s Madison mattress, from the Posturepedic Premium range, has been helping Nikki sleep more deeply. Nikki says: “We’re both just entering our 50s and as we hit midlife full on, both my husband and I have found that our sleep is increasingly disturbed. He has aches and pains caused by the different sports that he does and I have temperature fluctuations thanks to changes in my hormones.

“Our New Madison bed from Sealy has made such a difference. We opted for a zip and link mattress so that we have two separate sleep islands which means we disturb each other less if one of us is tossing and turning. We also upgraded to a super kingsize which feels like the ultimate luxury. Thanks to our improved sleep we have so much more energy. The only problem is that in a house full of teenagers we’re becoming just like them - we never want to get out of bed!”

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