Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts

Profile: Jamie Roberts

One of our latest World of Sport ambassadors is Welsh International Rugby Player and London-based Harlequins Centre, Jamie Roberts. Here, he explains the positive impact sleeping on a Sealy bed has had on his training regime, as well as his on-pitch displays.

Jamie’s training regime

With the domestic season well underway, and the Six Nations just passed, Jamie is well and truly ‘in the zone’ and training hard to ensure he is at the top of his game. With so much at stake, this time of the year can be very intense and demanding on his body, so it’s incredibly important that Jamie makes sure he is fully rested, prepared, focused and able to stay in peak shape for the gruelling season ahead of him.

Sleep routine  

Although getting enough rest before a big game is of utmost importance, Jamie admits that he’s never been a great sleeper. He believes this stems from the hugely strenuous demands he places on his body as a result of his intense training programme, as well as during matches.  He also suffers from chronic backache, which has resulted in disturbed sleep patterns for a number of years.

Jamie’s words

“Since receiving my Sealy bed, I’ve learnt that I sleep far better, and deeper, with a firmer mattress. In the past I’ve always had softer mattresses, but over time have come to realise that they don’t support my back very well. I weigh almost 17 stone, so I need something sturdy to properly support my back and limbs after training.

“I have to say that my Sealy bed has improved my sleep quality 100%, and I now wake in the mornings without any back pain, feeling refreshed! I have a Sealy Ottoman bed, which is not only fantastic to sleep on, it is also great for storage and space saving in my London flat.

“My improved sleep means I no longer wake with any pain in my lower back, and I arrive for training more alert and ready for what the day has in store. A bad night’s sleep may not seem like a big deal, but if you add up the discomfort over days, weeks and months, it can have a significant negative impact. My Sealy bed has undoubtedly allowed me to train harder and better.”