Kim Wilson

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About Kim

Kim Wilson is a champion bodybuilder from Cumbria. Living and breathing fitness, she is also a personal trainer who regularly teaches fitness classes. After visiting a few bodybuilding shows and speaking to the competitors, Kim decided to step on the stage 12 months later. Following a lot of intense hard work and training, she went on to win the title of British Natural Bodybuilding Federations Miss Athletic in September 2015 and placed third in the Miss Athletic Category at the DFAC Miami Pro-world Bodybuilding Championships in Miami.

Kim’s training regime

Kim trains five to six days a week, completing a mixture of cardio and strength training in the gym, maximising her ability to perform.

Each training day starts with a main compound session for two hours concentrating on deadlifts and squats, with the second half focusing on conditioning. Kim trains her legs and back twice a week, with every other part of her body being trained on a weekly basis. When it gets close to competition dates, Kim trains every day in preparation. She also teaches three fitness classes a day, which also form part of her cardio training.

Sleep routine

Kim only gets around six hours of sleep a night when training, and doesn’t sleep comfortably due to ongoing pain with a torn hamstring from 2014, as well as back pain, which keeps her from getting good quality, deep sleep.

Sleep and training

Sleep is a huge part of bodybuilding, after heavy lifts the body needs to rest to aid muscle recovery, and help the muscles build. Poor quality sleep negatively impacts on growth hormone levels too. As we sleep, the body replenishes muscle tissue, restores organs and bones, and has a huge impact on muscle growth. Good nights’ sleep also help to maintain the mental alertness and motivation Kim needs for intense training sessions in the gym.

World of Sport

Kim feels that getting a better night’s sleep will significantly improve her sporting performance. Eager to improve her sleep, she has teamed up with Sealy as part of its World of Sport campaign – which aims to demonstrate the link between sleep and sporting success. Sleep determines how Kim performs in her training sessions the next day, with a poor night’s sleep making it more difficult to ‘get in the zone’, and ‘think strong’ which helps her to lift more.

Kim’s words

“No matter how much training you do, if you aren’t getting enough sleep it can negatively impact on your performance. I’m the first to admit I don’t sleep well, and definitely don’t get as many hours as I should. Sleeping on my new Sealy bed will give my body the support it needs to ‘get going’ in my training sessions, so I can’t wait to try it out and see the results.”

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