Linford Christie

Linford Christie

About Linford

Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth 100m Champion  Linford Christie, rose to fame during his unstoppable winning streak in the 90s. He was the first athlete in British sporting history to win gold for the 100 metres in all four major worldwide competitions and his sporting success and service to British Athletics was recognised in 1998 when he became Linford Christie OBE. While his competitive sprinting days may be over, Linford is using his wealth of experience to coach, train and inspire talented young athletes to achieve their own sporting goals.

Linford’s training regime

Over the last few years, Linford has spent the majority of his time coaching and training aspiring British athletes. Having recently spent three weeks in South Africa training some of the GB athletics team, Linford has now returned to the UK to focus on preparations for this year’s World Athletics Championships in London.  To stay in shape, Linford focuses on weights and circuits to maintain a good level of fitness and wellbeing, but admits that he is not a regular runner.

Sleep routine

As a gold medallist, Linford has first-hand experience of what it takes to come out fighting, perform and succeed as a professional athlete. In the past, he admits to having a lie down on the track between runs if a session was particularly hard in the hope of catching a few winks.

However, now his sleep is more conventional. Before receiving his Sealy bed, Linford was averaging around 5 hours sleep a night. Now, he’s getting a good 7 hours and admits that he seriously struggles to wake up due to the comfort and support his new Sealy bed provides.

Linford’s words:

“As an athlete, sleep is extremely important, especially for recovery. Just like food, it is really important to get a quality night’s sleep, pre and post training, or competing. Prior to sleeping on a Sealy, I thought I had a decent enough bed, but now that I have my new mattress, I’ve realised I have years of missed sleep to catch up on!”

You can follow Linford on Twitter here: @christielinford