Margaret Adeoye

Margaret Adeoye

About Margaret

London-based athlete and Linford Christie protégée, Margaret Adeoye made her Olympic debut at the London 2012 Olympics representing Great Britain in the 200 metres, reaching her (then) personal best for the distance, which she sprinted in an impressive 22.94 seconds.

Since then, Margaret has gone onto compete and represent Great Britain in a number of worldwide competitions, including the 2013 Moscow World Championship, the 2014 World Indoor Championships in Poland, the 2015 Beijing World Championships.

More recently, Margaret joined Team GB in Rio and - following the exciting event - returned to the UK to take a well-deserved rest from running. Now back on the track, Margaret is settled into her training regime once again, keen to do her country proud on the athletics track and already representing England at the inaugural Nitro Athletics series.

Margaret’s training regime

Any Olympic athlete’s training regime is incredibly intense and grueling. For Margaret this is no exception and she will often spend seven days a week working under the guidance of Olympic champion, Linford Christie. Ahead of any major event, Margaret’s programme is ramped up a level and she finds the secret to a good day’s training is, quite simply, a good night’s sleep.

Sleep routine

Before receiving her Sealy bed, Margaret was a self-confessed ‘terrible sleeper’, referring to her nightly experience as more-often-than-not, ‘awful’. She also explained how not getting a good night’s sleep affected her physical performance negatively, preventing her from achieving her full potential. Under the careful guidance of her trainer, Linford, a huge sleep advocate, Margaret now prioritises a good night’s sleep above all else.

Since switching to a Sealy, she has noticed a huge difference in her sleep every night and is feeling more relaxed than ever, ready to tackle her heavy-duty training sessions with renewed vigor.

Margaret’s words:

“Now that I'm sleeping better, I feel better prepared to tackle even the most challenging of training sessions. Since sleeping on a Sealy everything seems to be going well, and I have no complaints what-so-ever. You really can’t beat that fresh feeling in the morning from a good night’s sleep, and I’m looking forward to many more nights of great quality rest!”