Matt Hopper

As part of our World of Sport campaign, we work with a whole host of athletes to raise awareness of the link between sleep and sporting performance.

In short, good quality sleep helps your body to recover. One of these professionals is Harlequins star, Matt Hopper, who attended our recent show at the Brooklands Museum.

Here Matt talks about sleep and why he appreciates its importance!

“I have a pretty good relationship with sleep. I struggle a little to get to sleep sometimes but when I’m asleep, generally I sleep pretty well - unless my children wake me up. I typically tend to get seven to eight hours’ sleep per night.

“Sleep is obviously an important factor contributing towards training and I try to make sure I go to bed roughly the same time each evening. Having young kids, I'm up early mornings and my afternoon naps unfortunately are non-existent these days. But generally, the more sleep I get, the better I feel. 

“We are currently training for the upcoming premiership season which begins in September. Preseason is always a tough period, consisting of weights, a lot of different fitness sessions, various types of actual rugby drills. It's an exhausting time where you are trying to physically push yourself to your extreme. Sleep obviously becomes even more important than normal throughout these opening months of the season. 

“I’ve found my Sealy bed to be extremely comfortable. Wherever I have been – friends’ houses, hotels, villas, I have never found a more comfortable bed!”