International Marathon Runner Teams-Up With Sealy

Paul Pollock

Paul Pollock is an Irish international marathon runner, recently back from the Rio 2016 Olympics.Despite wet and humid conditions for his race, Paul was the top Irish runner, finishing 32nd (out of 155) in the marathon. He is now training for 2017 where he will be competing on behalf of Ireland in a number of high profile marathons.

Paul’s training regime

Having briefly taken a small break to recover after his impressive performance at the Rio Olympics, Paul is now back to his high mileage training in preparation for a Springtime marathon. With the upcoming European cross country championships also on the horizon, Paul is looking forward to donning his Irish vest again and doing his country proud. This race will also provide a useful stepping stone to build up the strength required to excel in the Springtime marathon. Shortly after that he will be racing in the World Athletics Championships which will be taking place in London, ensuring a large supportive Irish crowd.

Sleep routine

Since receiving his Sealy mattress, Paul has noticed the quality of his sleep change dramatically. In particular, how the firmness of the mattress allows him to wake feeling refreshed each day, ready to tackle the programme of training ahead. Any aches and pains he previously experienced whilst sleeping have vanished and he can wake safe in the knowledge that his body will be recovered enough to train hard every day.

In fact, having now slept in a Sealy bed, Paul can’t imagine using any other brand due to its supportive nature and ability to assist his body recover on a nightly basis – an absolute must for any athlete serious about their training regime.

Due to the positive difference in his sleeping habits, Paul has also opted for a Sealy pillow and found that it has provided him with just the right amount of firmness, taking the pressure off his neck and back.

Since receiving and using both these products, Paul has seen a large improvement in his energy levels and ability to push himself harder in training sessions. He hopes that with more months of high quality sleep, he can lower his risk of injury and be able to reach his full potential at the World Athletics Championships.

Paul’s words

“I have an extremely tough training schedule and often cover over one hundred miles a week. Due to the pressure I put on my body, it’s important to have a good night’s sleep every night in order to let my body recover. I find that the quality of my sleep is maximised by having a regular routine and a high quality mattress such as my Sealy.”