At home with Rachael Vatter

Rachael Vatter

At just 19, Rachael Vatter is an accomplished Triathlete who has grown up in Sealy’s home county of Cumbria. When she’s not representing Great Britain in Triathlons across the world, Rachael spends her time training with Loughborough University’s Athletics and Triathlon Club and studying for her Engineering Degree.

Perfect training patch

Cumbrian-raised Rachael has been spoilt for choice with so many picturesque places to train for her chosen sport. The tumbling hills that make up the iconic and beautiful Lake District have been the backdrop to her cycling and running routes, making training adventurous, exhilarating and different every day. 

Rachael’s intense training regime

To sustain her triathlete status, Rachael trains up to nine times a week, swapping between swimming, cycling and running. Although a member of a local gym, Rachael prefers to hit the hills and loves nothing more than taking the scenic route, running on the fells and along the rivers, swimming in the Lakes and breathing in the fresh Cumbrian air.

Unsurprisingly, training at this level is both physically gruelling and mentally challenging, so achieving a great night’s sleep in order to balance the demands of her training and busy life at University is key in order to maintain her form.

Sleep routine

Although sleep is incredibly important to her, Rachael has struggled getting to sleep in the past. This has even impacted on her ability to perform on occasion.

Often suffering with back pain due to her high-intensity training, Rachael was in need of a bed which offers a combination of structure, support and comfort, which is where Sealy comes in. Following the switch from her normal bed to a Sealy Posturepedic Memory Support Mattress, Rachael admits the overall quality of her sleep has greatly improved, with the mattress already having a positive impact on her back pain.

Rachael’s words;

“I would, without hesitation, tell anyone competing in sport that a good night’s sleep is a crucial factor if you want to maximise your training and performance. Sleep is an important time to let your body recover, and therefore shouldn’t be compromised. My Sealy mattress is incredibly supportive and comfortable, and now plays an important role in helping me achieve my best.”