Rob Miller

rob miller28-year-old Rob Miller is a hugely successful English rugby union player and the latest sporting star to join Sealy’s World of Sport.

A local to Sealy’s home county of Cumbria, the fullback champ has played for teams including England Saxons, Newcastle Falcons, Sale Sharks and currently, Wasps.

Sleep Routine

Playing for the Wasps, there is a large emphasis on recovery, a major part of which evolves around ensuring a good quality night’s sleep. When the team are rested, they are more alert and energised for training sessions and for games.

Rob sleeps relatively well, especially after the longer training days at the beginning of the week. As a morning person, he rarely sets his alarm to snooze - unless of course it’s a rest day!

He does however, find it difficult to sleep after a game, especially when playing on an evening. It is therefore important that the following few days are filled with good quality rest to help him fully recover.

Needing a comfortable yet supportive bed to complement his body, Rob has opted for the Sealy Delphina mattress, which he admits has been a huge benefit to his sleep quality. Its firmness helps support his back during the night, as well as keeping his temperature regulated. As Rob moves around in his sleep, the Sealy Delphina supports him throughout.

Training Regime

Rob and his team mates endure a gruelling training schedule throughout the week - ensuring peak condition for game day. Training is usually mixed depending upon the number of days between games, which typically involves a mixture of cardio, mobility work, weights, intense on field rugby sessions and rest days.

Past Injuries

Throughout his career, Rob has suffered a couple of injuries, with sleep playing a vital role in his recovery. Post surgery, there is usually a rest period at home for 7-10 days. Often bed bound, getting a lot of sleep in the early stages of recovery is crucial to laying good foundations of recovery.

Minor injuries sustained during games is unfortunately extremely common, making getting good quality rest post-game key to speeding up the recovery process.

Rob’s Words

“As a sportsperson, sleep and recovery is vital to my performance and it holds great importance to me. Having a Sealy bed gives me the best chance to get quality sleep, allowing me to train and play at a higher intensity throughout the season.”