Simon Lawson

Simon Lawson

34-year-old Simon Lawson is a successful Paralympian from Sealy’s home county, Cumbria. Trained by Ian Thompson, who has coached and is married to legendary Paralympic athlete Tani Grey-Thompson, Simon has recently achieved extremely impressive results in the Great North Run where he came in second.

Training Preparations

Simon has just completed a successful winter’s training regime, introducing a new strength program as well as completing a ten-day warm weather regime in Portugal. With the Boston and London marathons on the horizon, it is essential for Simon to prepare for all weather conditions and terrains as well as focusing on his sleep patterns.

Simon’s Love of Cumbria

Living in Cumbria may not have the exotic temperatures that some athletes crave, but it has fantastic facilities for Simon’s training. With plenty of hills as well as flat ground, there is no shortage of routes to enjoy. This, combined with the wonderful community spirit of Sealy’s home county makes Cumbria the ideal location.

Sleep Routine

Sleep is an extremely important part of Simon’s training regime, and he passionately believes that he doesn’t perform to the best of his ability without a restorative night’s rest.

Needing a comfortable yet supportive bed to complement his body, Simon opted for Jubilee Latex Mattress which he admits has improved the quality of his sleep immensely, leaving him feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Simon’s Words

“Never dismiss rest and sleep and it plays a massive part towards sporting success. If you haven’t recovered from training the day before, you simply cannot perform to your potential which lowers your training capabilities throughout the day. My Sealy mattress is vital when it comes to my sporting success due to its comfort and support. I’d go as far as to say that it helps me train at my very best.”