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Sleep Sealy Posturepedic

We have laboured over our love of making mattresses for generations. Everything we do today is rooted in the carefully crafted, and honed legacy of a spring-system that is truly unique.

Sealy Posturepedic
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The Heart &
Soul of Sleep®

Sealy - it’s where sleep matters, where sleep is not just “something we all do”, or “time spent in bed” but more a question of when, where, why and how we can all sleep better...

That’s why, we are the World's No.1 Sleep Brand.

Our Story
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Designed for everyone,
made for you

We all need the same wonderfully refreshing, all encompassing sleep that only comes from a well-made mattress. So however you sleep, Sleep Sealy Poturepedic. Find your perfect match that's made for you.

Mattress Selector

Explore our range of mattresses

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We believe in making sleep simple. Browse our range of mattresses to find your perfect match.

Sealy Posturepedic
Sealy Classics

Elevate Ultra

Bursting with perfected sleep technology, this is what innovation truly feels like.

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Offering genuine support, true comfort and dependable durability.

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Gel-infused comfort for a restful night's sleep

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Designed to truly offer something for everyone.

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Ortho Plus

Prefer a firmer sleeping surface? This collection is designed for you.

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Explore mattresses by size

Single Mattresses

Measurements: W90cm x L190cm

Ideal for one person and small bedrooms. All of our Sealy mattresses are available in Single size.


Small Double Mattresses

Measurements: W120cm x L190cm

Ideal for growing little ones or those looking to downsize. Mattresses in the Sealy Enhance, Advantage and Ortho Plus ranges are available in the Small Double size.


Double Mattresses

Measurements: W135cm x L190cm

Not too big and not too small: a double mattress is perfect for individuals who like to maximise the sleeping area, or couples with a smaller bedroom space to work with.


King Mattresses

Measurements: 150cm x 200cm

Ideal for couples who like to stretch out, a King size mattress really adds a touch of luxury to your sleep space.


Super King Mattresses

Measurements: 180cm x 200cm

The largest size we offer, or what we like to call the showstopper, guaranteed to make a statement in your bedroom. Or perfect for those with little ones who like to jump in through the night.

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Explore mattresses by comfort

We craft true comfort - find your perfect match from a range of comfort options.








Mattress Selector

Here at Sealy, we believe in making sleep simple and helping you choose the right mattress for you.

Discover your perfect mattress by using our mattress selector tool. Simply answer a few questions and we’ll recommend the right mattress based on your unique sleep profile.

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Cleverly designed and carefully developed through generations past and present, decades of knowhow, and love for crafting a wonderful night’s sleep 💤

Whatever sleep experience you’re looking for, Sealy Posturepedic always makes complete sleep-sense. 

#Sealy #SealyPosturepedic #mattress #bed #newproduct #productlaunch #sleep #sleepbetter #sleephelp #healthysleep #bettersleep Our best sleep is achieved when we are in a cool and comfortable environment, which is why creating the perfect sleep environment is important and plays a huge role in whether you are waking up refreshed or not. 🛌

Try blocking any outside noise with a white noise machine. This will provide soothing sounds that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep during the night. 

📷- @1930s_doer_upper

#sleeptips #sleepbetter #sleephelp #healthysleep #bettersleep #naptime #sleephealth #bedtime #sleepadvice #healthysleephabits #healthtips We’re so happy you love our products as much as we do! 💙

Head over to our website to find the right mattress for you, link in bio.

#sleeptips #sleepbetter #sleephelp #healthysleep #bettersleep #naptime #sleephealth #bedtime #sleepadvice #healthysleephabits #healthtips #Quotes #quoteoftheday #motivation #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #motivationalquotes #quotestagram #positivevibes #instagood #loveyourself #quotestoliveby #mindset #sleep #thoughts #Sleepquotes The Turing Plush stands proudly at the top of the Sealy Posturepedic range.

It features unique technology including:

🔹UniCased® XT
🔹MemorySense® ComfortCore™

Take a look at our range of mattresses on our website, click the link in our bio.

#Sealy #SealyPosturepedic #mattress #bed #newproduct #productlaunch #sleep #sleepbetter #sleephelp #healthysleep #bettersleep A quality mattress is crucial to a comfortable sleep environment and our unique Posturepedic technology is designed for a sleep that’s best in class 😴

Find out more through the link in our bio.

#Sealy #SealyPosturepedic #mattress #bed #newproduct #productlaunch #sleep Every Sealy Posturepedic mattress offers a support system that’s unique from top to toe😴

However you sleep, sleep Sealy Posturepedic.

Learn more on our website, link in bio

#Sealy #SealyPosturepedic #mattress #bed #newproduct #productlaunch