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Ortho Plus

Prefer a firmer sleeping surface? The Sealy Ortho Plus collection is designed for you.

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Ortho Plus


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Ortho Plus


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Ortho Plus


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Precisely engineered right here at Sealy

The unique PostureTech CoreSupport springs have 5 turns to respond to your body weight and provide deep down support. Twice tempered, the springs remain resilient over time. Teamed with Edge Guard, the springs really are a force to be reckoned with. Edge Guard sits alongside the springs to offer greater stability and a durable edge that you can count on for years.

Where can I buy a Sealy mattress?

You can purchase Sealy Posturepedic mattresses and beds through our family of approved retailers.

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Sleep, it’s what gets us out of bed

With sleep in our hearts and science in our soul, no one does Sealy Posturepedic, except Sealy.

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"Just bought the Tilbury mattress and what a brilliant mattress it is! It has a luxury top on it and is very comfortable, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a good night's sleep."


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Customer Reviews

"Fabulous mattress. Delivery exactly as promised and old mattress taken away without any issue.
Sales staff were really efficient and friendly and the delivery team were great. All round good experience".


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Customer Reviews

"Excellent service and product. Highly recommend. Customer service was polite, prompt and very helpful. The mattress was carefully delivered and of a very good quality. It was well packaged and I am pleased with the comfort after the initial week".