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Environmental Policy

Sealy International is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations through the reduction in the proportion of waste generated by its operations and the continous improvement of waste management practices. Every member of the organisation should take every opportunity to minimise avoidable waste (in materials and energy, including fuel) and ensure that materials no longer required are managed according to the following hierarchy of options:


  1. Reduce at Source – using and discarding less material by continuously improving efficiencies and working with suppliers to simplify and take back packaging and use reusable containers.
  2. Reuse and Recycle – materials and equipment wherever viable either within the company, or through off-site recycling companies. This is to be supported by appropriate waste segregation in each site.
  3. Responsibly Dispose – liquid, airborne and solid waste to avoid generating pollution by discarding in accordance with statutory legislation.
  4. Purchasing products whenever possible with recycled content or opting for less environmentally harmful alternatives.


Is is the responsibility of: –

  • Each employee to follow this policy and procedures associated to it and to assist creating awareness among their fellow workers.
  • Supervisory staff to implement waste management procedures and enforce the adherence to these.
  • Managers to develop waste management procedures and oversee the management of waste ensuring compliance with this policy.
  • Contractors and visitors to observe these principles.


This policy reflects the strong social responsibility and environmental commitment from Sealy International.