Lisa-Jane Holmes – Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Blogger

June 8th, 2018

Lisa Jane Main

A fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Lisa-Jane Holmes has been creating bespoke 1:1 training programmes for over five years through her company Wildcat Fitness, as well as teaching classes at London’s most prestigious gyms for more than nine years. Through her popular blog Wildcat Fitness and social media channels, Lisa-Jane aims to give an honest account of life as a busy London fitness professional, showing people there is no “quick-fix” when it comes to being fit and healthy.

Lisa-Jane is a huge believer in the power of a good night’s sleep. In fact, the importance of quality rest after training is a conversation she has regularly with her Personal Training clients. As such, she was excited to partner with Sealy UK and discover how the new Activsleep range can help her get a more restful night’s sleep to support her training programme and aching muscles!

We recently caught up with Lisa-Jane to find out how her new bed, the Activsleep Pocket Memory 2400, has been helping her get a better night’s rest and supporting her tough training schedule.

What have you been up to recently?

2018 has been a year of big change for me. I started out in the fitness industry over ten years ago by teaching Group Exercise classes around my corporate day job, and this is where my original passion for motivating and supporting people in their own fitness journeys came from. Fitness Classes and Studios are one area within the industry that has hugely changed over the years, and so I wanted to move with the times and stay on top of my game, so this year I have retrained to teach two brand new concepts at two brand new fitness studios in London. It has been very humbling going back to basics and learning a new method from scratch, but I’m so proud to be a trainer at F45 Shepherds Bush (the biggest F45 studio in Europe) and a Maestro at groundbreaking new group cycling studio First Light (opening in West London in September). I’m passionate about inspiring and motivating groups of people to push themselves further than they could have gone alone and so happy to be meeting so many amazing people and hearing their stories and seeing them progress week after week at two of West London’s most exciting boutique studios. It all fits in so well with my 1:1 Private PT clients who I continue to work closely with, and working on my Wildcat Fitness Blog and Instagram channel.

What is your training regime/daily routine?

In terms of my daily routine, one of the many benefits of being self-employed is that my day to day schedule can vary from one day to the next. Generally speaking, I either get up to train my private PT clients in my West London studio, or to teach early morning classes that people attend before they head to work. When I’m not doing that I often get up to train myself - which is usually weight lifting in the gym on my own, or attending a class. I actually take part in a lot of the F45 classes at the Shepherds Bush studio because I really enjoy them, and have noticed a change in my body since adding them into my routine. I also do HIIT training to ensure my cardio endurance is up to scratch - you need a lot of it to teach group cycling! Once a week I ensure I have a full morning off (usually Sundays) so that I can enjoy a lie-in in my lovely bed, spend some time with my husband and my cats and enjoy reading and coffee stress-free. Afternoons I usually spend catching up on client admin, answering emails, preparing playlists and choreography for classes or attending meetings with brands, products or individuals who may want to do some social media collaborations with me. I then either teach or train clients again in the evenings - I work 4 nights a week which can be tough on my social life, but the satisfaction I get from meeting and helping so many people to reach their goals is more than worth it.

How have you slept in the past?

I have always been a light sleeper and gone through periods of insomnia on several occasions. Since I started training more seriously my sleep patterns have improved - being much more physically active has allowed me to sleep more deeply, and the more I train the more I need to sleep to ensure optimum recovery between sessions.

Has your sleep quality altered at all since receiving your new bed?

The new Sealy bed and mattress are so supportive to sleep on - really firm without being uncomfortable, so when I first lie down at night I feel instantly relaxed as my body and spine feel fully supported. Personally, I find sagging into a mattress a really uncomfortable feeling! I feel as though I sleep more deeply, to the point where I actually enjoy waking up early to train before my working day - something I never used to do in the past!

How has your Sealy helped your lifestyle?

I’m suffering from a lot less aching and joint pain when I wake up. I know now that my previous mattress was nowhere near firm enough for me and my body. The improved quality of my sleep and increased energy levels has made a massive difference to my training - I’ve been able to push myself further in my workouts over the past couple of months and so overall I’m feeling fitter and stronger than I have done in ages. Probably quite annoyingly for my clients and class members it also means I’m extremely motivated during their sessions too - no missed reps or skipping exercises for anyone!

Why is sleep so important to your training – does a bad night/good night sleep affect how you perform?

Without proper rest I just feel like I don’t recover enough from my workouts. If I wake up the next day still sore and tired from my previous days’ training it means my exercise that day won’t be as good as it could have been, which overall means I won’t make any progress with my training. Hitting the gym tired for me means a half-hearted sessions and I hate feeling like I have to hold back as I don’t have the energy to train as hard as I’d like to. Whereas working out after a solid eight hours sleep makes me feel unstoppable and means every session is that bit more enjoyable as I can give it my all.