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wins highly accredited Good Housekeeping Award

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Sealy Elevate Ultra mattress range wins Good Housekeeping Award 2023 … and it’s a first class feeling.

You can’t beat getting into bed at the end of a long day, it’s a simple luxury we all enjoy! But finding the perfect mattress that supports your body and induces a deep sleep can be often difficult. We are very proud to announce our Posturepedic Elevate Ultra mattress range has been awarded the highly accredited Good HouseKeeping award… making choosing your next mattress a lot simpler!

The Elevate Ultra mattress range underwent vigorous testing, in which 5 expert testers trialled the mattress over a period of several weeks. The key areas that were tried and tested were the mattresses performance, comfort, design and overall perception. All testers were thoroughly impressed with their overall sleep experience of our Sealy Elevate Ultra mattress, stating:

Good Housekeeping Testers Feedback:

“I found the mattress to be very comfortable as it provides ample support for my neck and back. The premium quality and firmness give me all the support I need, as well as feeling very satisfied when I wake up from a good night’s sleep. It has definitely made some improvements to my posture and has provided me with extreme comfort as well as the mattress being very durable.”- Tester quote


“I have slept very well every night on this bed. The quality is fantastic, and I feel this product will last me for years!”- Tester quote


“Supportive with a premium feel so you can sleep comfortably, the Sealy Elevate Ultra Mattress is the perfect choice for a relaxing sleep every night”. – GH expert quote


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