Sealy Ottoman: The ultimate in bed storage

Ottoman Open Image Roomset

What is Ottoman storage?

An Ottoman divan bed utilises all the space within the base of the bed/divan. This helps maximise the amount of space available for various things, most commonly bed sheets, shoes, books and other bulky bits and bobs you might not need on a daily basis.

The benefits of Ottoman storage

Ottoman divans make use of every bit of space under your bed and can be perfect for de-cluttering, organising and transforming your bedroom in a fresher, cleaner living space.

Your bed will probably be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom (if not your house), so it makes sense to maximise its potential – and that’s exactly what an Ottoman helps achieve.

Standard bed frames that have an open space underneath may require slipping boxes under the bed for items they don’t use on a daily basis. However, this can be both impractical and unsightly, while also being a haven for dust. The storage area for a Sealy Ottoman is hidden within a beautifully upholstered base that enhances your bedroom’s décor.

Accessing an Ottoman

There are two main types of Ottoman – static and hydraulic.

Static Ottomans can be opened via drawers and cabinets located on the side of the base which you can pull-out to access the various items you’ve stored away. If you opt for this type of Ottoman, make sure you have extra space in your bedroom for pulling the drawers out fully.

Then there’s the powerful gas-lift hydraulic option, which when activated lifts the entire mattress up, giving you complete access to the entire storage area available. It also means you don’t have to allow for additional room for cabinet/drawer access, as with static Ottomans.

How much can I fit inside my Ottoman?

The amount you can fit inside an Ottoman depends on the size of your bed as Ottomans are available from single sized beds up to huge super king sized options.

Before buying an Ottoman, work-out how much space you have in your room and what you need to store. If you only want to put away a few books or some shoes, for example, a double will probably fit the bill.

For bigger items like bulky bedding, suitcases and ski equipment, you might have to charge it up to a super king – if your room and budget can accommodate that size.

What sizes is the Sealy Ottoman available in?

Bed SizeDimensionsStorage Capacity
Single 90 x 200 cm 15.11 cu ft
Double 135 x 190 cm 21.20 cu ft
King 150 x 200 cm 24.72 cu ft
Super King 180 x 200 cm 30.22 cu ft


Where can I buy a Sealy Ottoman?

You can find your nearest retailer here or visit the official Sealy store.