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Choosing your mattress

Sealy is always here to help. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, buying a mattress without doing your research can lead to sleepless nights and achy mornings if you are not sleeping on a mattress that suits your body.

So here is a simple guide designed to help you find the mattress that’s right for you.

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Firmness ratings

The feel and firmness of a mattress depends on your definition of soft, medium, and firm - it’s highly subjective. Additionally, your body type, weight, size and other factors play into the feel.

Firmness 01


For those who love a softer level of support

Firmness 02


A sumptuous feel that caters to the areas that need extra support

Firmness 03


Provides a great balance of comfort and support

Firmness 04


Offers a level of targeted support - an excellent choice if you suffer from aches and pains

Firmness 05


Perfect for those above average stature

Firmness 06

Extra Firm

An orthopaedic level of support - ideal for those who wake up constantly sore and stiff

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Comfort fillings

Comfort can be defined in many ways - it is different for everyone. A good mattress should provide you with the right support at every comfort level. With so many variations of springs, fillings and sizes, it can be difficult to work out your preference and understand exactly what your body requires to achieve a great night’s sleep.

At Sealy, we offer a wide range of comfort fillings. From Geltex to Memory foam, Latex to British wool, we utilise the very best fillings to help you find your most comfortable sleeping position.

Comfort 01


A gel infused foam bringing unbeatable pressure relief, body support and breathablity

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Comfort 02


Provides even pressure relief, it’s also anti-fungal for a fresh and clean feel

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Comfort 03

Memory foam

Responds to the body’s contours, providing the underlying support your body needs

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Comfort 04

7 zone foam

7 zone foam provides added comfort and pressure relief

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Comfort 05


A natural insulator keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer

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Support systems

At Sealy we only use the finest pocket springs in our support systems, which are both weight and motion responsive. The individual fabric-encased springs are constantly working to provide you with the correct amount of support to the key areas of your body.

A unique Unirail design encases the entire circumference of the springs, to ensure they are always working at their optimum level and proving the utmost to support your body. Also, for added durability, Unirail has a rigid underside which makes the mattress suitable for most types of divan bases and bedsteads.

Support 01

Pocket Springs

Sealy springs have a barrel shaped pre-tensioned construction to allow for individual spring compression

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Support 02

PostureTech ZD

Stops the unit from swaying or the edges buckling. It extends the sleeping area giving support right to the edge of the mattress

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Support 03

PostureTech CS

Provides a softer feel that gradually gets firmer as pressure increases

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Support 04


Encases the springs to provide edge-to edge support for your entire body

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Section 05


When measuring your bedroom, ensure you take into account the thickness of the bed frame as well as the width of the actual mattress. For example, a simple wooden frame may add around four inches to the width, whereas a divan base may add nothing.

Again, as with mattresses, ensure you choose the height of your bed carefully so that you can easily get in and out of bed, and ensure there is adequate space underneath for storage if you are looking for a divan base with a handy storage solution. Sealy mattresses and divans are available in standard UK sizes:

Size 01


90cm x 190cm

Size 02

Small double

120cm x 190cm

Size 03


135cm x 190cm

Size 04


150cm x 200cm

Size 05

Super king

180cm x 200cm

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Sealy divan bases are all fully upholstered in an enhanced quality fabric to ensure both durability and style. All bases are available in multi storage or non-storage options, including a lower 26cm depth option.

Offering innovative and easy access storage space for your bedroom, Sealy’s range of storage bed options opens up plenty of room to store anything from blankets to books, sheets to shoes.

Divans 01

2 drawers

Have a few extra bits of bobs to put away? The 2 drawer storage solution will do the trick. They’re also great for lighter bedding like sheets and pillow cases.

Divans 02

2 + 2 continental drawers

Continental drawers are shorter to allow for bed side tables without compromising on storage space and ensuring ease of access to the drawer contents.

Divans 03

4 drawers

4 full sized drawers gives you plenty of room to play with for everything from bedding to books and beyond.

Divans 04


Instead of taking up valuable cupboard or drawer space with bulky items such as spare duvets or bed linen, they can be conveniently put away beneath the bed but easily accessed whenever necessary.

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Mattress care

DO Rotate the mattress frequently

… but only turn if the mattress is double sided.

DO Air the mattress frequently

This is particularly important when the packaging is first removed as it will help any ‘newness’ aroma to dissipate.

DON’T Roll or bend the mattress

The spring interior is encased in a steel frame that will distort if bent and could remain so permanently.

DON’T Bounce or sit repeatedly in the same area

This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress and place undue strain on the spring unit.

DON’T Use detergent or chemical cleaners

Many of these products will rot both cloth and fabric. In the event of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a mild solution of soap and water. The mattress should then be aired in a warm environment.

DON’T Worry about settlement

Settlement of fillings is normal in handmade mattresses and is not a manufacturing fault. The fillings within our mattresses are designed to mould to the shape of your body over the first few weeks of use, enhancing the comfort and support the mattress provides. Regular turning of the mattress is required to enable the fillings to settle evenly.

Section 08


Here at Sealy, we are passionate about providing you with the most innovative range of beds and mattresses to ensure you have the best sleeping experience possible. As the world’s number one bed brand, we aim to address a diverse range of sleep problems- including allergies.

Those who are prone to allergies know all too well the impact this can when it is time to get some shut eye. Do you get into bed and become increasingly frustrated from coughing, wheezing and sneezing that prevents you from falling asleep? You may well be suffering from dust mite allergies, which can be a real strain on your home comfort. No matter how often you keep your window open, hoover and polish, dust will always congregate at large within your mattress.

What causes allergens?

House dust mites thrive in warm, humid places and your bed is the perfect environment, with dead skin cells in abundance for them to eat.

If you suffer from house dust mite allergies and it is affecting your sleep, it is important to banish these allergens in your bedroom by cleaning your bed and room regularly, sanitizing pillows and most importantly finding a high quality hypoallergenic bed.

How does a hypoallergenic mattress protect against allergies?

Sealy mattresses feature Smart Fibre, Purotex. Endorsed by Allergy UK, Purotex fibres can provide relief to those who suffer with allergies to aid a vitally important sleep. The microcapsules act as an active bed cleaner and high performing odour neutralizer, which not only generates the perfect sleeping environment, but extends the lifespan of your mattress.
The result? A fresher, cleaner sleeping experience which helps you to breathe more freely throughout the night.

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Buying in store

A mattress is much more than your average purchase, it is an investment. Not only are there a variety of models to choose from, but a big part of what makes a good mattress is very personal: one person's luxury is another person's backache waiting to happen.

Find the closest Sealy stockist near you