Sealy’s Teramo 1400 hailed as “best mattress tested in years” by Which?

- Pocket sprung mattress scored highest in the Which? mattress category in 2015, 2016 & 2017
- Model deemed one of the most durable mattresses Which? has ever seen

Teramo 1400

After undergoing stringent testing in 2015, we are pleased to announce that the Teramo 1400 retains the highest score of 77% according to the consumer resource, Which?- extending the accolade as the ‘Best in test’ and ‘Top Scoring mattress’.

The most recent review states “when we tested this mattress in 2015, it was the best we had seen in years. More than a year on, we’re still yet to test anything that can match this Best Buy”.

The Teramo achieved the Which? Best Buy status in 2015 and 2016, receiving the highest score when tested against 28 other products, including a whole host of other types of mattresses and pocket sprung models.

For two consecutive years, Which? has praised the Teramo as the most durable mattress it has ever seen – a choice which will last its owner many years. The review states that the Teramo will “still be in great condition and able to support your body well even after years of use. Unlike some mattresses, it doesn’t sag or become less firm over time.”

The mattress was also commended for its softness and the solid support it provides, with the tests also revealing that it is very easy to turn over on, while being stable enough to not disturb a partner. The report also highlighted the model’s breathable materials – Sealy’s Smart Fibres and Eco-friendly Tencel – make for a cool sleep environment.

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