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Not too firm, not too soft, the Hawking Medium is a popular choice for those who like a little something in-between.

Developed and engineered by our Sealy experts, the AlignSupport® spring system is the heart and soul of the mattress. It’s not only designed to deliver unrivalled support, it underpins the comfort layers and enhances the durability that every sleeper deserves. Our AlignSupport® has been carefully constructed and evolved over time to be a two stage spring. First, it senses your individual shape as you rest into the mattress, followed by an instant response that applies deep-down, consistent support. Also, you can sleep soundly knowing that the spring unit is twice tempered which means it’s twice as strong and durable- impressive, we know.

Securing everything in place, UniCased® XT is a superior edge support that offers all of the benefits of Unicased®, with the addition of unique air channels to provide a more durable, responsive edge. Perfectly positioned around the mattress, UniCased® XT features keys that lock into the spring unit to prevent lateral movement day in, day out and throughout its lifetime. And that’s not all... the coil-inspired channels also offer greater breathability together with BasePlank allowing air to move throughout the body of the mattress with ease. Both combine to create a feel that is uniquely Sealy Posturepedic.

The MemorySense® ComfortCore™, placed in the centre third of the mattress, targets the heaviest parts of your body such as your hips and lower back. Together with the gel-infused comfort layer, it offers pressure relief to the areas of your body that need it most. The Gel layer also offers breathability in abundance, allowing air to circulate through the mattress easily and regulating your temperature as you sleep. Topped with a deep layer of Sealy Medium foam for a sumptuous feel.

When you create something special, it’s important to treat it that way. That’s why we have used high quality fabric, expertly designed and tested to create a look that is stand-out. Complete with SmarTex® , the fabric works to disperse heat from the skin and regulate your sleep climate. There’s also ProShield®, keeping allergens at bay and offering a clean and fresh night’s sleep. And you don't just have to take our word for it, ProShield® is endorsed by Allergy UK.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the breathable air mesh border also contributes to natural airflow, allowing air to circulate through the mattress freely.

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At Sealy, it’s our mission to create mattresses that last and that’s why all Sealy Posturepedic mattresses come with a 7 year guarantee. Handmade right here in Britain.

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"Excellent service and product. Highly recommend. Customer service was polite, prompt and very helpful. The mattress was carefully delivered and of a very good quality. It was well packaged and I am pleased with the comfort after the initial week".