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Experience excellence with the Sealy Posturepedic Indulgence Plush mattress - the pinnacle of innovation that marries exclusive coil technology with refined comfort.

It begins with our one-of-a-kind RestSupport®, an intuitive coil that works in three stages. First, the Synerflex surface engages with the body’s contours to nurture your pressure points and restore balance. The core of the coil then senses and responds to provide deep-down, orthopaedic support. The patented design allows your spine to maintain its natural alignment and uphold your relaxed posture - providing all of the correct support you would expect from a Sealy Posturepedic. Not only that, the coils are twice tempered and enriched with Titanium for the maximum strength and durability.

It works effortlessly with our UniCased® XT, intertwining effortlessly with coils for greater stability. It also creates a responsive seating edge - the perfect place to pause and take a moment. Whether that’s planning for the day ahead or unwinding in the evening, UniCased® XT is designed to support you from day one and beyond. Underneath, you will find our BasePlank. A trustworthy foundation that holds everything in perfectly place, offering dependable durability.

The Indulgence is a true comfort masterpiece, with layer after sumptuous layer offering comfort like no other. The EcoLux™ ComfortCore® is positioned in the centre third of the mattress, gifting you with personalised pressure relief to your hips and lower back. Paired with a double layer of our ClimaLux™ foam to increase airflow for improved temperature regulation and breathability. The versatile foam is infused with graphite to ensure it remains resilient over time and offer limitless comfort.

Followed by 4000 micro coils for a plush, custom-made feel. The individual coils sense your shape and cradle your body into a deep, blissful sleep. Not forgetting our luxurious EternityFibre™, designed to keep the sleep surface looking and feeling its very best throughout its lifetime.

Like any Sealy Posturepedic mattress, the Indulgence Plush exhumes the finest craftsmanship, inside and out. The unique LuxeTop design is clothed in unique, speciality fabrics and finished with some of our signature details to really epitomise luxury. The premium fabric features MicroTencel® fibres which are delicately woven in the sleep surface for advanced moisture management. Derived from the eucalyptus tree, they work to keep your temperature regulated throughout the seasons. Combined with ActiPro™, a natural probiotic that is kind to your skin whilst actively keeping allergens at bay. Complete with 8 vertical handles to add a touch of finesse. Expertly flag-stitched in place, the handles are designed to be durable each and every time you rotate your mattress.

All of the mattresses in the Exquisite collection are made right here in Britain and come with a 10 year guarantee.

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All of the mattresses in the Exquisite collection are made right here in Britain and come with a 10 year guarantee.

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