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The Monarch is the firmest mattress in the Elevate collection, a feel that is unique to Sealy Posturepedic.

Featuring our patented AlignSupport® springs, cleverly developed to provide genuine support that lasts. AlignSupport® is a two stage spring that starts by sensing the individual body shape as it finds the most comfortable sleeping position. It then provides deep down, consistent support that is personal to the sleeper. The spring unit is also twice tempered, proven to be resilient and built to last day in, day out and throughout its lifetime.

Encompassing the spring unit with interlocking keys is our UniCased® edge support. The keys have been precisely engineered to intertwine with the springs, securing everything in place and providing greater stability. Designed by our team of experts, UniCased® allows you to benefit from a larger usable sleep surface, removing the “rolling off” feeling as your guests’ snooze and offering dependable durability you can trust.

Underpinning the entire mattress, BasePlank is an inspired, unifying foundation that provides structure from corner to corner. Plus, the multiple air channels allow the mattress to breathe and circulate air with ease.

The foam ComfortCore™ is positioned in the centre third of the mattress, designed to target the hips and lower back to offer tailored pressure relief. Combined with a double layer of extra firm and firm foams, the Monarch mattress is perfect if you’re looking to offer a firmer, more robust feel.

Our technology is not the only thing that’s unique, the premium quality fabric has been expertly designed and tested to create a look that is uniquely Sealy Posturepedic. Woven with BugShield® fibres to prevent bed bugs and house dust mites from living inside the mattress. This mattress is 29cm in depth.

At Sealy, it’s our mission to create mattresses that last and that’s why all Sealy Posturepedic mattresses come with a 7 year guarantee. Handmade right here in Britain.

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"Excellent service and product. Highly recommend. Customer service was polite, prompt and very helpful. The mattress was carefully delivered and of a very good quality. It was well packaged and I am pleased with the comfort after the initial week".