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Standing at the helm of the Elevate collection, the Opulence mattress offers a beautifully plush feel.

It all begins with a precisely engineered spring system, developed by our team of Sealy experts. AlignSupport® is a two stage coil design, sensing and responding to your individual shape as you sleep. As the body relaxes into the mattress, the springs sense the sleeper’s shape, maintaining their natural posture and spinal alignment. AlignSupport® then springs into action and applies the correct level of support, creating a feel that is completely personalised to your guest. On top of this, the springs are twice tempered making them even more resilient and durable.

Every Sealy Posturepedic is UniCased®. The proprietary keys lock into place for the ultimate stability, bringing structure to every point around the mattress, meaning that you benefit from a larger usable sleep surface. It also removes the “rolling off” feeling when your guests are asleep or getting ready for the day ahead. Sturdy and supportive, UniCased® acts as the perfect seating edge for putting your socks or shoes on. BasePlank pulls everything together, it’s a stable foundation that you can trust. Multiple air channels run across the bottom of the mattress, allowing air to run through the body of the sleep system with ease.

The ComfortCore™ is placed in the centre third of the mattress to target the hips and lower back for the ultimate pressure relief. Followed by a layer of gel-infused foam for added breathability. Geltex has an open cell structure which allows air to circulate through the mattress freely, creating a comfortably cool sleeping environment. And that’s not all, layers of medium foam provide that plush feel we all dream of.

It’s not just our technology that makes us stand out from the rest, it’s our style that makes an impact too. Behind each fabric is years of true expertise and know-how, each design unashamedly bold to add that touch of luxury to your property. Woven with BugShield® fibres to prevent bed bugs and house dust mites from living inside the mattress. This mattress is 32cm in depth.

At Sealy, it’s our mission to create mattresses that last and that’s why all Sealy Posturepedic mattresses come with a 7 year guarantee. Handmade right here in Britain.

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"Excellent service and product. Highly recommend. Customer service was polite, prompt and very helpful. The mattress was carefully delivered and of a very good quality. It was well packaged and I am pleased with the comfort after the initial week".