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The Orthopaedic Advisory board

We work with the International Orthopaedic Advisory Board to inform our product development. The board is made up of orthopaedic surgeons, bio-mechanical engineers & medical scientists who provide in-depth and insightful research.

It’s an exclusive relationship that makes a real difference to the way we engineer, test and make our mattresses.

Sealy Sleep Team Header-Sealy Sleep Team
Geoff ASkin-Sealy Sleep Team

Adjunct Professor Geoff Askin

Dr. Askin has been an international leader in spinal surgery for over 30 years. He is a pioneer for new surgical techniques to correct spinal deformity.

Academic Profile
Rob Labrom-Sealy Sleep Team

Adjunct Associate Professor Robert Labrom

A practicing orthopaedic surgeon for 20 years, Dr. Labrom has contributed key understandings towards the development of the human spine.

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Mark Pearcy-Sealy Sleep Team

Emeritus Professor Mark Pearcy

Professor Pearcy has 40 years of biomechanical research experience, focusing on movement and how we can be supported by artificial joints and implants.

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Paige Little-Sealy Sleep Team

Associate Professor Paige Little

Assoc. Prof. Little is a global leader in the field of sleep spinal alignment, combining modelling and imaging techniques to understand internal spinal movement.

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Dan Green-Sealy Sleep Team

Sealy R&D Manager Daniel Green

A mechanical engineer and the head of Sealy R&D, Mr. Green has been pivotal in advancing knowledge and measurement techniques in sleep spinal alignment.