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2024 Sleep Census

Sealy’s global sleep survey breaks records, revealing the world’s sleep habits



Sealy’s global sleep survey has provided remarkable insights into the world’s sleep habits, revealing some eye-opening statistics that underscore the importance of quality sleep and the role of the right mattress in achieving it.

In today’s fast-paced world, the quality of sleep and the effect your mattress can have on your nighttime routine is too often overlooked. With the increased use of mobile devices before bed, as well as the fast-paced demands of modern life, quality sleep is often neglected, but make no mistake – it has never been more important!

One result is clear – as a nation, we’re not waking up feeling refreshed. 95% of UK respondents report not walking up feeling well rested, higher than the global average of 92%.


But why is that? Well, our survey has also uncovered that over three-quarters of respondents reported using a device before bed, a habit associated with a greater likelihood of experiencing sleep problems. This highlights the impact of technology on our sleep routines. Additionally, the more often someone sleeps near their phone, the less likely they are to wake feeling refreshed. These findings emphasise the need to create a tech-free sleep environment for more impactful sleep, night after night.

With over 20,000 participants, the Global Sleep Survey is a groundbreaking Sealy initiative that helps to continuously unravel the mysteries of sleep. Our goal is to gain deeper insights into the sleep habits and behaviors of people worldwide, shedding light on key areas that impact their daily sleep quality and overall health.

The comprehensive survey explores a wide range of topics, touching on everything from bedtime routines to mattress preferences. For instance, we discovered that while over half of participants wear pyjamas to bed, one in five prefer to sleep nude!

Moreover, our survey found that side sleeping is the preferred sleeping position among over 60% of Brits. This insight into sleep position preferences provides us with valuable information for ensuring world-class mattress design for spinal support.

In addition to uncovering sleep attire preferences and favored sleeping positions, our survey delved into the prevalence of sleep disturbances. It revealed that more than half of respondents wake up at least once during the night, with 30% reporting trouble getting to sleep initially, highlighting the common challenges many face with achieving restorative sleep.

The Sealy Global Sleep Survey not only provides valuable insights into sleep habits but also reaffirms Sealy’s position as the world-leading mattress brand mattress industry. With 52% of Brits expressing their willingness to recommend Sealy to friends and family, and Sealy owners significantly more likely (41%) to be extremely satisfied with their mattress.

The findings of our Global Sleep Survey underscore the importance of quality sleep and the profound impact it has on our health and general wellbeing. Keep an eye on our social media channels as we unveil more fascinating insights into the sleep habits of people around the world, and how our mattresses are designed to make sleep more simple.

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