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Sleep truths or sleep myths? Study reveals 45% of Brits are following harmful sleep advice

Nearly half (45%) of people are compromising their sleep quality by following ‘sleep myths’ 52% believe you can catch up on sleep, while over a third (39%) think four-hours sleep each night is enough More than a quarter (28%) think an alcoholic t...

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Accidents, arguments and underperformance: the real impact of sleep-deprivation in the workplace

Bed manufacturer Sealy is calling for employers to put sleep at the top of their agenda Online HR resource available at Alarming new research from bed manufacturer Sealy UK, has revealed the nation’s employees are turning up for ...

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Eat your way to a good night’s sleep

Struggling to sleep at night? It may be time to embrace the vegan way of life. With the plant-based diet becoming more popular by the day, fuelled by celebrity advocates and social media health guru’s, could turning your back on a carnivorous life...

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Surviving with a new born – how to get much needed shut eye as a first-time parent

25% of mums get less than five hours of sleep per night 77% of Brits fail to get the sleep they need to feel healthy and happy First-time parent and craving a full night’s kip? It’s no secret that becoming a new mum or dad can wreak havoc on you...

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Struggling to sleep? How many of these common bedtime mistakes are you making?

Waking up feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep is something we all dream of. However, most of us are making common mistakes that are preventing us from getting top-quality rest - making us more likely to wake up heavy-headed rather than f...

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You are what you sleep - Sealy announces UK first bed ‘ingredient labelling’

Leading bed brand, Sealy UK, has announced the launch of a new ‘ingredient list’ in a move to become completely transparent with its products. Already widely recognised for its award-winning range of beds and mattresses, as of this week, Sealy wil...

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