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The Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through a range of physical, hormonal and emotional changes, many of which can affect your sleeping pattern. In this article we’ll explore the three trimesters of pregnancy and how they can impact your sleep, and t...

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How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sleep deficiency is linked to weight gain, poor concentration, heart disease and depression, as well as a plethora of other issues that affect our day-to-day life. Although our bodies can recover from the occasional sleepless night, it’s important...

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QVC ROOM - PR (FAWN) With Kingston HB


Discover the new Premium Gel 1800 with Sealy and QVC

If you’re in the market for a new mattress you could enjoy some serious savings this January, as we will be teaming up with QVC once again, offering great savings on the Sealy Premium Gel 1800 – a new model exclusive to QVC. On Saturday 5th Januar...

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Unisex Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Stereotypical colour associations of blue for boys and pink for girls have lost significance in recent years, with many parents now choosing to decorate their kids’ rooms in a more unisex palette. There are numerous benefits to decorating your kid...

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Why do I sweat when I sleep?

When you wake up from sleep, you may be surprised to find that you’ve been sweating more than usual. There are many factors which could be to blame, perhaps it’s the temperature of your bedroom, you don’t have a very breathable mattress or maybe y...

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Get Rid of Mattress


How To Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is one of the key aspects to leading a happy, healthy life, but did you know that the most common reason for sleep disturbance is being uncomfortable in bed? A recent study shows that 26% of people cite thi...

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