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What foods should you avoid before bed?

What foods should you avoid before bed? Many of us simply aren't getting enough sleep. A recent study found that 35% of people in the UK don’t spend enough hours asleep each night, which in the short-term can lead to fatigue and lack of concentrat...

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Sleeping Positions Sleeping On The Side


Are you sleeping in the right position?

38% of adults in the UK - or 20 million of us - don’t get enough sleep. There are many factors that play into this - sleep interruptions, long working hours and unhealthy diets, to name a few - but the position we choose to sleep in can also have ...

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Sleep Cycle Stages Banner


Understanding the different stages of sleep

When you sleep, it may feel like your body is going into “standby” mode, like a TV or computer - your body entering a passive state to help it recover from the day’s activities. However, in 1929, scientists discovered that how we sleep is a lot mo...

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Forget the World Cup – the Sealy Cup is the hottest tournament this summer!

Hosted by the Furniture Makers’ Company, the Sealy Cup returns for its sixth year on Sunday 1st of July – an event we are thrilled to be once again sponsoring alongside trade magazine Cabinet Maker. Kicking off at 1pm at the Lucozade Powerleague F...

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Sealy Blog Mood


Is a Lack of Sleep Influencing Your Mood?

Anyone who’s ever stayed up later than they should to binge-watch a few more Netflix episodes will know first-hand what a lack of sleep can do to their mood. Tiredness, irritation and a craving for coffee are signs of lack of sleep, while they are...

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The Three Sealy


Sealy summer deals at Mattressman

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner, so one of our biggest online retailers, Mattressman, is running an exciting summer deal on lots of Sealy mattresses. Their “three lie-ons” promotion kicked off today and lasts till the end of June...

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